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"SIMATIC ET 200SP, МОДУЛЬ АНАЛОГОВОГО ВЫВОДА, AQ 4XU/I, НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ/ТОК, СТАНДАРТНЫЙ, ДЛЯ УСТАНОВКИ НА БАЗОВЫЕ БЛОКИ ТИПА A0, A1, ЦВЕТОВОЙ КОД CC00, ДИАГНОСТИКА МОДУЛЯ, 16 БИТ, +/-0,3% The SIMATIC ET 200SP is a modular, scalable, and highly flexible distributed I/O system. With its small footprint, it is particularly well-suited for installation in small control boxes near the machine. The modules can either be plugged directly into an ET 200SP CPU or connected to a central controller via PROFINET or PROFIBUS. The SIMATIC ET 200SP can be expanded with up to 64 I/O modules, which can be inserted in any combination. The system provides a very comprehensive range of modules. Many modules are also available with a wide variety of characteristics, which considerably improve the scalability in regard to functionality and price. Thus, in addition to modules with standard functions (ST), modules with an extended range of functions and diagnostics (HF High Feature / HS High Speed) are also available. For price-sensitive applications, there are modules with basic functions (BA). The advantage of the ET 200SP system is in its ease of application, such as through the free selection of the PROFINET connection technology via the BusAdapter, the tool-free wiring by means of push-in technology, improved accessibility of the wiring due to a new arrangement of the spring releases, in addition to the associated conductor aperture and the channel-precise diagnostic functions. The availability and productivity of the machine are ensured by the capability of swapping modules and terminal boxes during operation, the so-called ""hot swapping"". The scalable, cost-optimized configuration of an ET 200SP station is ensured by the wide range of signal modules. In addition to digital and analog input and output modules, respective fail-safe variants are also available for applications up to SIL 3 / PLe. This also applies to the integrated motor starters, which are suitable for motors up to 5.5 kW. Energy Meters for measuring and analyzing the energy consumption, IO-Link master (V1.1.), and many other communication and technology modules allow the system to be adapted to any automation task. The accessories available for the ET 200SP range from color-coding plates and equipment labeling plates to labeling strips for the individual modules and thus ensure maximum manageability in the control cabinet."

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Simatic ET200 компоненты распределенного ввода-вывода  


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