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SIMATIC S7-1200, КОМПАКТНОЕ CPU 1215C, DC/DC/DC, 2 ПОРТА PROFINET, ВСТРОЕННЫЕ ВХОДЫ/ВЫХОДЫ: 14 DI =24 В, 10 DO =24 В/0,5 A, 2 AI =0-10 В, 2 AO 0-20 МА, НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ ПИТАНИЯ: =20,4 - 28,8 В, ПАМЯТЬ ПРОГРАММЫ/ДАННЫХ: 100 КБ SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controller - Flexible thanks to wide variety of communication options The Basic Controllers are first choice for implementing automation tasks flexibly and efficiently in the mid to low performance range. The CPUs are scaled in their performance and available for different input voltages and with transistor or relay outputs. Safety versions are also available. In addition to the existing integrated inputs and outputs, the compact CPUs can be expanded directly on the device or with a wide variety of signal and communication modules in order to adapt them to your exact requirements. HMI devices can likewise be connected via the integrated Ethernet interface. The memory of the CPU can be expanded by means of a memory card, while the PLC is configured using the STEP 7 Basic software in the TIA Portal. The micro PLC has a wide range of networking options via various communication standards by means of integrated functions (PROFINET, Modbus, etc.) or add-on modules (IO-Link, AS-i, etc.) and thus offers maximum flexibility in the topology and when setting up the networks. Thanks to its compact design, the fields of application for the S7-1200 are very varied and extend from simple packaging machines and heating systems to its use as a subordinate control system in larger plants. Compact design, modular structure and integrated IOs help to save space in the control cabinet. The STEP7 configuration software is integrated into the TIA Portal and can therefore rely on shared data storage, a uniform operating concept and integrated communication services for all components of a system. This means lower configuration costs and faster commissioning.

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Simatic S7-1200 Базовые контроллеры  


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